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RE: ISP's Contact List

  • From: Hank Nussbacher
  • Date: Mon Jun 13 15:19:23 2005

At 10:18 AM 13-06-05 -0400, Sanfilippo, Ted wrote:

Broken. My IP, which has been allocated to Israel for about 15 years shows up as in China and no whois site is *that* broken.


Sorry I meant GEOBYTES ---
When I enter my new /16 at this site it translates to Canada and it shouldn't. ARIN reports the address properly on the ARIN lookup. I have sent emails to the Geobytes website two weeks ago, they confirmed to me they have the email, but have done nothing to date to fix the problem. So my customers are getting a little upset because when they go to a website they are directed to the .ca portion.


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On 13/06/05, Sanfilippo, Ted <[email protected]> wrote:
> Also, I ran into a problem with a new /16 block we received from ARIN.
> The IP-Country info points to Canada which is not accurate. We are a US
> based company. I had placed a request into Geobyte to make the change to US,
> I am still waiting. Does anyone know if there is a central database that
> these companies pull from to gather country info? If its ARIN, it should
> have been corrected.

Sorry if I seem dense but how or where does geobyte come into the
picture at all when you receive an IP block from ARIN. If the contact
information for that /16 has an error in it, then ARIN has a fairly
well documented procedure to change contact information for a netblock
and you can follow it.

Geobytes seems to use ARIN data along with what is basically wild
guessing to find where an IP is located. If they make a wrong guess -
its an issue thats localized to them.

Suresh Ramasubramanian ([email protected])

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