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Re: Catalyst Flow Export wierdness.

  • From: Andrew - Supernews
  • Date: Wed Jun 08 15:01:23 2005

>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Nash <[email protected]> writes:

 Bill> Configured to export v5 flows, cat6509 running IOS is sourcing
 Bill> 95% v7, and 5% v5. Anyone seen this kind of behaviour?

You don't mention what version of IOS or what supervisor/PFC version
in the cat.

With 12.1 at least, the MSFC doesn't support version 7 flows, so for
traffic routed in software you will get a v5 flow, and for traffic
routed in hardware you'll get v7 if that's what you configured.

If you have sup2/PFC2 and IOS >= 12.1(13), you can configure the PFC
to export v5 as well, and get everything in the same format.

Andrew, Supernews