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RE: Battery Maint in LEC equipment

  • From: Olsen, Jason
  • Date: Mon Jun 06 09:20:11 2005

> From: David Lesher
> Question:
> Have any NANOG'ers [NANOGites? NANOGees?] run into this? Again, this
> is LEC owned, LEC maintained, equipment....Do you provide generator
> power for such in your space?

SBC (Formerly Ameritech, formerly Illinois Bell, soon to be AT&T again,
yadda yadda yadda) has always maintained and replaced the batteries for
the FLM 150s and 600s that are installed in our data center and metro
sites.  Usually the Transport group knows something is wrong before the
mouth-breathers in our data center do.  We provide power via UPS and
generator by default as the FLMs are fed off the same grids as the rest
of our gear.  

I personally wouldn't treat those batteries as a UPS if only because
I've never seen a load test performed on them that tells me what sort of
survivability I can expect out of them.

On the residential side it's easy to guess why they are attempting to
force the consumer to buy/maintain batteries for the boxes: as always,
follow the money...


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