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Re: Slight OT: NASA World Wind project looking for support from network operators.

  • From: codewarrior
  • Date: Mon Jun 06 02:49:40 2005

On Jun 6, 2005, at 4:06 AM, Matt Mills wrote:
This is just where P2P and satellite data don't mesh. In order for the
program to work and not be incredibly frustrating and boring, the tiles
(imagery and elevation) have to be loaded at a somewhat speedy rate. Due to
the way P2P has to find and connect to peers before it can start downloading
tiles, it is just too slow for it to work well (and not make everyone
unhappy/ the program useless). The other problem here is that there is
hundreds of gigabytes composing of millions of files, so to be able to get
full coverage of just one dataset would be an enormous effort.

hello matt,,

i working on another peer tp peer project that was used  by  the  nasa
before you might have a look.


opencuseeme /  peer2peer multiparty conferencing