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Re: Battery Maint in LEC equipment

  • From: Alex Rubenstein
  • Date: Sun Jun 05 23:20:18 2005

In NJ, Verizon, MFS, and Telcove all install batteries.

We put them on our UPS and Genset anyway, however.
The corollary to this question:

If your data center has an adequate DC plant, will the carriers insist
on installing their own batteries and rectifiers?  And how many of them
have redundant supplies to take advantage of an A and B feed from you?
In a new center we are currently building, Telcove has (happily) accepted our A- and B- feed DC power. They were almost happy, it seemed, to not have to worry about this.

Typically, because they're the phone company, if you offer them DC,
they'll insist on AC.  If ou offer them AC, they'll want DC.  And it
seems that wherever you want the MPOE/drop they'll have some reason to
install it as far away as possible.  :-)
That only happens when you let them think. We don't. We (more or less) say, "put your stuff here, or don't sell to us."

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