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Re: OT: NOC Display's

  • From: Alexei Roudnev
  • Date: Sat Jun 04 04:07:24 2005

(I do not feel it as off-topic, btw).

Q. - what really are you going to see on this projected screen? I saw  very
, very few systems and screens, which was really interesting for the big
screen. Most 'World map, colored icons, fancy lines' views are 99% useless
(many reasons). Big screen is desired, if you have compact view of your all
system, such as in Proactivenet (events + primary charts), or 'snmpstat' (up
to 300 - 500 active ports and links, including traffic bars, on one screen).
Even here, you will need MORE information.

Projectors are not designed for it. They are designed more for the
presentations, with 1200 x 1000 resolution, and so on. If I have 2,000
active links which I'd like to see, or 2,000 objects which I'd like to see
better, or something like this - I'd like to have integrated resolution as
4,000 x 2000, which iis, for example, 8 standard LCD screens.

So, what are real requirements for such projectors? 4 VGA screen on one

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> On a related note, those interested in NOC display technology may also
> to check out the recent Wall Street Journal article (sorry, I don't have a
> link) that suggests that we are about to see a huge drop in large
> display pricing as several new factories are coming on-line.
> I'm not sure if that changes the way we'll build NOCs - projectors have
> popular, but I'm not sure if that's only due to cost advantage.
> (I'd like to say that I don't feel a thread on NOCs is particularly
> off-topic. While I can't configure LCD projectors on an IOS command line,
> I've sure configured IOS command lines on LCD projectors - reasonable
> display technology can be the difference between a useless "Show NOC" and
> technically useful operations center)
> - Dan
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> > Spencer Wood wrote:
> >> This is kind of off topic, so please feel free to delete if you want
> >> <grin>..
> >>
> >> Anyway, in our NOC we current have two LCD projectors displaying
> >> from two different computers.  On one of the display's, I would like to
> >> able to take 4 VGA outputs from 4 workstations, and display it on the
> >> screen (aka: Hollywood square style).
> >
> > What is the native rez of your lcd projectors?
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