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Re: Verizon is easily fooled by spamming zombies

  • From: Patrick W. Gilmore
  • Date: Wed Jun 01 13:06:47 2005

On Jun 1, 2005, at 1:00 PM, Martin Hepworth wrote:

Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:

On Jun 1, 2005, at 12:28 PM, Steven Champeon wrote:

IOW, VZ isn't even checking to see if a zombie'd host is forging its
own domain into HELO, regardless of whether it comes from Comcast or
UUNet, and as long as the forged sender has a address, and
the recipient hasn't blocked VZ's silly callback system, the message
is relayed. Thanks, Verizon. We can hear you now.

The other half of this is if you are on VZ's network and try to send mail through their system, you cannot unless you have a "" from address. Or at least that was the case when my friend with VZ DSL tried to send e-mail through VZ from her personal domain.
Assuming it does via their systems - most zombies have their own smtp engine from what I understand
Zombies do both, but my comment wasn't about zombies, it was about users. If you are a user with a vanity domain trying to send e-mail "From: [email protected]", you cannot through VZ's system. Despite the fact we have spent years telling people they have to use their local ISP's mail server to send mail out.

Does VZ support SMTP AUTH these days? (My info is over a year old.)