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RE: Administration Asks Appeals Court To Compel ISP Searches

  • From: Hannigan, Martin
  • Date: Wed Jun 01 09:28:55 2005

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[ SNIP ]
> I have never seen an NSL and have never received one. 

IANAL, and I haven't seen one post yet, so I'd suggest
that if anyone has a question on the process or how it
affects them, _they contact a real lawyer_.

Latest publicly available NSL:

Latest FBI Memo on authority and filling out an NSL:

Summary: Subpoena like, still requires internal approval,
not part of FISA, but statutory authority under the
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Myth: Wiretap means voice surveillance. It insinuates it, but
voice intercept is least used out of the CALEA punclist, believe
it or not. Wiretap is used as a descriptor for all.