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Re: Multihoming for the small ISP ( search engine) ala 2005

  • From: Jon Lewis
  • Date: Mon Feb 28 22:18:19 2005

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, Geoff White wrote:

> 2) What is the "preferred or correct" way for a relatively small outfit
> (a small search engine) to implement Multihoming?  Especially when most
> of the machines are a VLS cluster so we are not talking about a large
> address space here.  It seems the outfit is having difficulty
> getting blocks that they can even run BGP with,  (I know I'm missing a
> lot here)
> They can't even fill a /24, let alone anything greater :)

Doesn't matter.  Assuming we're talking about ARIN-region, if they're
multihomed, one of their providers can assign them a /24 (even if they'll
only use 2 IPs) so that they can announce that /24 to their other
providers and have a chance of not being route filtered.  ARIN rules
specifically permit this, and it won't be held against the provider when
they apply for more space.

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