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Multihoming for the small ISP ( search engine) ala 2005

  • From: Geoff White
  • Date: Mon Feb 28 20:49:27 2005

Greetings folks,

(It's been a long time :)
I have some questions about multihoming that I can't seem to find by Google-ing for answers

1.) What ever happened to (Avi Freedman's?) Multihoming strategy using DNS(?),
there are links to archives circa 1997 but nothing recent.
2) What is the "preferred or correct" way for a relatively small outfit
(a small search engine) to implement Multihoming? Especially when most
of the machines are a VLS cluster so we are not talking about a large
address space here. It seems the outfit is having difficulty
getting blocks that they can even run BGP with, (I know I'm missing a lot here)
They can't even fill a /24, let alone anything greater :)

I am willing to take my answers off line. I'm sure there is a way to do this
that is so trivial to folks on this list that it's not talked about,
but since I haven't done this type of thing in about 5 years I am really out of the loop.

Thanks in advance and for all the great work over the years!


Geoff White