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Re: Internet Email Services Association ( wasRE: Why do so few mail providers support Port 587?)

  • From: Niels Bakker
  • Date: Fri Feb 25 18:35:53 2005

* [email protected] ([email protected]) [Fri 25 Feb 2005, 18:13 CET]:
> Unfortunately, providers seem to prefer unilateral heavy-handed
> behavior rather than acting professional. They prefer working out
> solutions in isolation or in small closed cabals working in secret in
> backrooms rather than working open to public scrutiny in an
> association. They prefer to operate in an environment in which there
> are no agreed policies for Internet email exchange rather than having a
> viable Internet email system in which everyone works together to add
> value to the users. They prefer to play secret games with blacklists,
> bayesian filters, hodge-podges tacked onto the Internet's DNS systems,
> and other antisocial behaviors rather than openly saying that people
> must meet certain standards in order to *SEND* email.

You keep riding this particular horse.

Right now, to connect to the Internet you need to comply with quite some
regulations already - have a computer and a modem and a contract with a
dialup ISP, or even get DSL or cable installed.  More options are
available if you have more money, companies can pay for redundant T3's

Obviously this has not kept the `bad guys' out.  Why do you think that
enforcing contractual relationships for e-mail as well as basic IP
service will make any difference?

Why do you believe more red tape will mean better service?

	-- Niels.

                              The idle mind is the devil's playground