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Re: AOL scomp

  • From: Joe Maimon
  • Date: Fri Feb 25 06:32:06 2005

Robert Bonomi wrote:


In actuality, *I* am not QUITE as draconian as suggested a couple of paragraphs previously. If I forward somebody's mail and get a complaint
from the reciveing system about spam to that user, "originating" from my system, that user *permanently* loses any forwarding privileges/capabilities.
No appeal, no _notice_ no 'second chance', no nothing -- forwarding just "stops working" for them. They _were_ told of this "down-side risk", with regard to such an error, *before* the forwarding was enabled. They get to live with the consequences.

I suspect that sooner or later you will be amending your proccess to include a stated notice of understanding/whitelisting/no abuse complaints from both this users and this users forwarded-to system's administrators, before considering turninng on the forwarding hose.