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Finding useful/pertinent IP reallocation WHOIS info

  • From: Fergie (Paul Ferguson)
  • Date: Thu Feb 24 19:06:06 2005

Can anyone provide a better way to find, say, the appropriate
contact information for address blocks that are further rellocated
from the regional registries? I've about reached my frustration
levels over the course of the past year on the issue.

Example: Trying to find the approriate contact info for an
[email protected] address responsible for a malicious host that (may)
reside within an address block in Brazil (not meaning to pick
on Brazil by no means). Checking the WHOIS database at: can find that:

#These addresses have been further assigned to Brazilian users.
#Contact information can be found at the WHOIS server located
#at and at

No, it can't. At least not that I can ascertain.

And when arriving at either of these web pages, the only
lookup available to the user is a CGI form for domain-only
registry lookups, not for IP address allocation info.

I was also hoping that the Referral WHOIS (RWhois) database
might provide some assiatance, I am informed only that the
responsible registry is the Latin American and Caribbean IP
address Regional Registry.

I have tried many times to solicit a response via e-mail
from someone at the Brazilian registry to no avail.
Very frustrating.

The system is broken and needs to be fixed. Registries: Are you

- ferg

"Fergie", a.k.a. Paul Ferguson
 Engineering Architecture for the Internet
 [email protected] or
 [email protected]