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Re: AOL scomp

  • From: Mark Radabaugh
  • Date: Thu Feb 24 14:57:18 2005

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Joe Maimon wrote:

| I believe one has an extra duty to be as strict as possible about
| accepting email to be forwarded to external parties:
| Read: Setup for every usuable blocklist, including you own, which
| rejects email outright. And spamassassin setup to reject any
| reasonable low FP score threshold. And none of that  "tag em all
| and let the user sort it out" business.
| Its not legitimate to cover your eyes and forward probable garbage
|  to someone else. You want it on your system, thats your decision.
|  AOL blocklisting high percentage garbage senders, including those
|  merely forwarding, is perfectly valid in my book.
| To blocklist all servers in the path or just the most recent one is
|  a local decision

Now here I would disagree.   These are specific requests by
individuals to forward mail to from one of their own accounts to
another one of their own accounts.   I do not think AOL (or anyone)
should consider mail forwarded at the customers request as indicating
that our mail servers are sending spam.

As that is apparently not the case I have seriously considered as a
matter of policy refusing to install mail forwards to AOL customers.

Mark Radabaugh
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