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Re: AOL scomp

  • From: Edward B. Dreger
  • Date: Thu Feb 24 14:09:23 2005


Thanks for the many on- and off-list replies.  Things begin to make a
bit more sense.

We recently began hosting a list with several AOL subscribers, and this
week's complaint volume is five times what it was last week.  With one
complaint per ~4 AOL subscribers (who are but 4.6% of the total list)
this time around, and _zero_ complaints from anywhere else, I thought
something was amiss.  'tis a pity AOLers can't tell "delete" from
"unsubscribe" from spam.

Time to VERPify the list and unsubscribe people mercilessly. *grumble*

On the cynical side:  Has anyone considered an "inverted" blacklist --
i.e., a _destination_-based mail blocking mechanism?  Rejecting mail to
parties with excessive bogus complaint rates certainly might simplify
life for those tasked with handling "abuse" incidents. ;-)

On a more positive note:  One AOL user unsubscribed correctly.  I don't
mean to bash all AOLers... just the ones who are a bit... confused.

Thanks to all,
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