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Re: AOL scomp

  • From: Michael Loftis
  • Date: Thu Feb 24 13:37:34 2005

--On Thursday, February 24, 2005 10:18 AM -0800 chuck goolsbee <[email protected]> wrote:

It's too bad that about 1/3 of the reported mails are valid opt-in lists.
The other 1/3rd are actual spam, but legitimately forwarded as the user
requested from a personal or business domain to an AOL account. Any
server in the path gets tagged as a spam source.
Actually only the server that connected to AOL and relayed the mail into them. I have this same kind of gripe/complaint. Only for me about 2/3rds of my scomp reports are this. The other third are the below...only veeeery rarely is an actual spam reported from our system, except in the case of where we occasionally have a fraudulent signup come through and then start spamming.

And the remaining third seems to be just plain old normal personal
correspondence ... which I find weird.
This happens because, atleast in many versions I don't know about currently, DELETE and SPAM buttons were right next to eachother, causing mis-clicks.