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RE: NANOG Changes

  • From: Michel Py
  • Date: Sun Feb 20 16:21:10 2005

> William Allen Simpson wrote:
> Please, the interim-moderators should moderate, and the
> bylaws drafters should draft, and they should be separate.
> It's the usual difference between the Chair and the Editor
> (or Raporteur, or Recording Secretary).
> I introduced this important division to the IETF many years
> ago....
> Since they accepted the moderation function, they've
> disqualified themselves from the drafting function.

It appears that they do not share your view, by reading nanog-futures.
The new mailing list administration has already demonstrated that it had
zero credibility:

Yesterday, I posted something that displeased Martin Hanningan and was
told that I needed his permission. As I was browsing the archive, I
noticed my post and his and another one from William Leizon that quoted
mine have been removed from it.

This is not better, it is worse. Although I did not like the way Dr
Harris moderated the least, at least she did not try to rewrite history
when she did not like something.