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Re: NANOG Changes

  • From: William Allen Simpson
  • Date: Fri Feb 18 22:24:12 2005

Paul Vixie wrote:

... I just wish that all the political I's would get
dotted and all the political T's would get crossed. Perception isn't
*actually* reality, but in politics (which this is) the difference
between perception and reality is just not worth discussing.

Speaking as someone with more than a passing familiarity with practical
political process, Paul's comments are correct.

Please, the interim-moderators should moderate, and the bylaws drafters
should draft, and they should be separate. It's the usual difference
between the Chair and the Editor (or Raporteur, or Recording Secretary).
I introduced this important division to the IETF many years ago....

Since they accepted the moderation function, they've disqualified
themselves from the drafting function.

And I especially like Paul's point that those serving as the moderators
be disqualified from serving in another postition for at least a year.

William Allen Simpson
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