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Re: NANOG Changes

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Fri Feb 18 20:26:12 2005

I promised some people that I'd comment publically on the moderation change.
Selecting Steve's message at random as a place to start, let me just quote:

> From: [email protected] (Steve Gibbard)
> Subject: Re: NANOG Changes
> Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 01:04:51 -0800 (PST)
> Speaking only for myself (and certainly not for Merit):
> The NANOG Reform group (, which has already
> gone on record supporting an open and democratic NANOG, was asked for
> volunteers.  I think all three of us are looking at this as a temporary
> assignment until the broader issues of NANOG governance are sorted out.

First, I am speaking only for myself and not for my employer or for
Merit or for the nanog-reform community.  Having discharged my duties
as co-moderator of the Las Vegas meeting, I'm now just another bozo on
this bus.

Second, I am uncomfortable having folks from the nanog-reform community
accepting responsibility for provisional moderation (a form of interrim
governance), since it's a nominal conflict of interest.  I wish that
Steve and Martin and others involved in drafting bylaws had refused to
serve as interrim moderators.  Failing that, I'd like these moderators
to stand down from any elected position for a period of at least a year
from the formation of the new permanent governance structure.

Third, I think that the current unilateral governance system where Merit
decides what's the best thing to do after collecting input from
interested parties (which, by the way, is exactly what the nanog-reform
community set out to change) means that it's basically Merit's decision
right now who moderates and how.  I wish that Merit had reached out to
the whole [email protected] community in search of interrim moderators rather than
limiting its solicitation to the [email protected] or any other subcommunity.

Fourth, I do not think Merit or Steve or Martin or anyone else has any
dark motives about this, and I'm sure that these interrim moderators
will do a fine job.  I just wish that all the political I's would get
dotted and all the political T's would get crossed.  Perception isn't
*actually* reality, but in politics (which this is) the difference
between perception and reality is just not worth discussing.

Finally, to those among you who have counselled me against this
contrarian position on the grounds that I might self-marginalize: you
should go read the archives of this and perhaps other mailing lists.  Me
being an outlier will surprise approximately nobody.