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Kornet/ChinaNet was Re: ChinaNet Contacts

  • From: Simon Waters
  • Date: Fri Feb 18 03:35:25 2005

On Thursday 17 Feb 2005 8:11 pm, Dave Crocker wrote:
> Any chance of trying to get some granularity to this?  As I understand
> their operation, there are enormous differences among the operations in
> different provinces.

220.175                         550 ChinaNet Jiangxi not wanted here see 

Persistent email abuse that led to the email server being overwhelmed on 
occaisons, we introduce these manually, and cross reference them against the 
big block list databases to ensure it is a "persistent" issue. We use 
blocking only to protect our own SMTP service not for filtering purposes.


Whilst I can appreciate that Kornet may have issues with a lot of broadband 
users, but the other big Korean company seems to have it solved. What I see 
is what appear to be (using whois data!) US companies buying transit from 
them. I'm no routing guru, but I assume it must be pretty obvious to Kornet 
if some small US company starts buying transit from them (rather than say 
some local US telecom provider) that they want it for nefarious purposes?!

Or is there something going on here that makes Kornet look unduely bad. Anyone 
got a handle on what is going on in that regard.