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Re: ChinaNet Contacts

  • From: william(at)
  • Date: Thu Feb 17 17:20:42 2005

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005, Dave O'Shea wrote:

> They do have people in an LA office, as I got a call
> from one of them when I had a BGP session to them go
> down due to a max-prefix which had been exceeded.
> I guess if you have three times the population of the
> US, you're going to have one or two "black hats".

Despite China playing a role in spam distribution, almost all hardcore 
spammers are from US, in fact there is really no big spamhouse there. 
Now, I'm sure they do have their own blackhats, but if anything I know
is true  even if they are three times size of US, number of blackhats 
there is probably 3-10 times smaller and I'd not be surprised if all 
scans you see from China are really blackhats from US and other countries 
who rented computer there.

So its not the blackhats that is a problem in China, its the corruption 
which is always present in communist and similar seemingly state-controlled
totalitarian societies. Add to that, US & EU money has greater value in 
China and you will understand how its possible that they pretend to not
have received reports and delay removing abusers. 

Note that while corruption is worse when its present at or near the top, 
that one is easier to deal with if you get to the right people, but its 
the corruption at the bottom which has become rooted, that is most difficult
to get rid of. And with Chinanet being so large and largely organized so 
that provinces and individual cities have more control then the center, 
you can see why it may take some time until current efforts by spamhaus 
and others have overall result.

William Leibzon
Elan Networks
[email protected]