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Re: Vonage complains about VoIP-blocking

  • From: Nathan Allen Stratton
  • Date: Tue Feb 15 18:16:14 2005

On Tue, 15 Feb 2005, Stephen Sprunk wrote:

> Thus spake Bruce Campbell" <[email protected]>
> > Introducing new devices that are intended to trust that big, bad, easily
> > spoofable internet using non-secured protocols such as tftp in order to
> > get their configuration from a non-local server shows a degree of trust
> > not seen since the Famous Five, the BabySitters Club and pre '96 O'Reilly
> > books on writing internet protocols.
> Unfortunately, TFTP is the only protocol that many phone vendors
> implement -- and VoIP operators aren't happy about it.  Some vendors have
> started implementing HTTP(S), but it's far from common at this point.

Odd, we have over 100 different user agents on our network today and I
would say that most of the devices we are working with today support
someting other then tftp.