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Re: Vonage complains about VoIP-blocking

  • From: John Fraizer
  • Date: Tue Feb 15 13:19:01 2005

Christopher L. Morrow wrote:
On Tue, 15 Feb 2005, Adi Linden wrote:

The FCC is investigating -- it's not even clear if it's illegal to do
How is this any different then blocking port 25 or managing the bandwidth
certain applications use.
could be there are some 911 access issues... perhaps that's important to
The last I checked, Vonage didn't have selective router access (that's fancy talk for REAL 911 access) - at least in my market. When you dial 911 from your Vonage phone, your call is sent to the 7-digit inbound number for the default PSAP. For response time, reliability, overall safety, you were better off dialing 911 from your cellphone.

We have a VoIP provider living in our datacenter. It took quite some doing to get their PS-ALI set up with their PSTN carrier. Problem: Unless the ALI record is updated to reflect "voip phone customer address", when one of their customers dialed 911, the selective router sent the call to the closest PSAP for our datacenter and the dispatcher got the address of our datacenter.

VoIP is nifty. I'm a huge fan but.... Buyer beware when it comes to 911 access. Dialing 911 and hearing "911 what is your emergency" isn't always a good enough test. You need to verify that the ALI information is correct, blah blah blah.