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RE: Verizon wins MCI

  • From: McLean Pickett
  • Date: Mon Feb 14 14:29:13 2005

Yes, this includes the former Digex Web Hosting employees (from a former
Digex employee...) It does not include the former Digex Leased
Line/Intermedia staff - those that still exist.


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On Mon, 14 Feb 2005, Hannigan, Martin wrote:

> I was set on QUUest or UUQwest for the new name, too. 

What, don't you like UUVeriNET even better? :)

> Verizon wins the battle for MCI, pays < 7B.

I'm not financier, but this price seems rather low considering how large
Worldcom is/used to be and that it includes all former UUNET, MCI, MFS,
WCOM, etc. BTW - did this include Digex as well?

William Leibzon
Elan Networks
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