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Re: The Cidr Report

  • From: Aaron Hopkins
  • Date: Sun Feb 13 19:22:05 2005

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005, Jerry Pasker wrote:

Until there's deep shame, or real financial incentive to not being listed as a member of the dirty 30, nothing is going to happen in terms of aggregation.


Nothing is going to happen unless enough people (ASNs) take a simultaneous, and UNITED stand, and make it painful for those that don't care about the routes they leak to the net.
Similarly, "enough people" won't get involved until there is real financial
incentive to do so.  Most people won't particularly care about the number of
routes in a full table until their equipment becomes unable to handle it.

Does anyone have any idea of the routing table size limits of old but still
common equipment?  I suspect we'll see a lot more interest in routing table
size when things start to break.

                                    -- Aaron