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Re: The Cidr Report

  • From: Philip Smith
  • Date: Sun Feb 13 00:50:20 2005

Hi Stephen,

Stephen J. Wilcox said the following on 13/02/2005 00:58:

that applies to medium and large providers
too reading this list - how often do they actually check what prefixes they are sourcing, from my recent work at a couple of european IXes i had a number of folks email me offlist as they hadnt realised til I sent out an email they had deaggregation and once it was pointed out they just fixed it.
I don't think many people have the time to check customers deaggregation - it doesn't obviously help with their company's business/profits therefore isn't on the radar. Or is a job done when they have time. Like you, Hank and I (amongst many others) have spent quite a bit of time pointing out possible leakages to providers - and most have been very polite and appreciative of the advice. I've had a few negative reactions, mostly questioning why this is any of my business. :(

so to repeat my earlier suggestion - if transit providers, particularly the larger ones setup scripts to notify their customers daily/weeks of routing deaggregation do you think we might gain some traction in educating and fixing this?
Interesting thought - yes that might help, but then how many providers would be willing to do this? The CIDR report website is available, anyone can pop their ASN into the tool there, and they can figure out what needs to be aggregated. Should the tool be packaged up as something anyone can run from their web page, or a cron job? What would customers think about this if their upstreams do it? Or should some third party do it, like Geoff and I post our respective regional reports and aggregation summaries...? How would this differ from spam - and anyway, how would be get in touch with every ISP on the Internet... etc...