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RE: The Cidr Report

  • From: Neil J. McRae
  • Date: Fri Feb 11 09:05:05 2005

> any thoughts on how to fix it? my peers keep sending these to 
> me and i'll even admit my customers do too. telling people 
> its bad doesnt appear to have an effect, at the small end 
> networks seem to collect /24s and announce them freely, at 
> the large end i'm still without an explanation as to why 
> large networks require so many prefixes - none of them seem 
> to comment?
> if people arent self policing it seems the only other way is 
> for the larger transit providers to stop accepting prefixes 
> and telling their customers to fix their s**t. and i dont see 
> them doing this.

proxy aggregation if they don't fix it.