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RE: Symantec AV may execute viruses

  • From: Brance Amussen :)_S
  • Date: Thu Feb 10 16:05:00 2005

Too true, as soon as the updates are available.. Still haven't seen one from
Symantec (anyone else out there seen one yet??), maybe F-Secure will be

Brance :)_S

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On February 10, 2005 12:01 pm, Dragos Ruiu wrote:
> On February 10, 2005 10:29 am, Paul G wrote:
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> > Subject: Re: Symantec AV may execute viruses
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> > > Also, it doesn't appear that this issue effects the Mac software 
> > > (at least, I didn't see the Mac products in the Symantec 
> > > vulnerability list), only Windows products.
> >
> > if this is a heap overflow and if osx uses a bsd-derived libc (with 
> > phy malloc implementation), the vulnerability would not be 
> > exploitable. this seems like a probable explanation.
> Neil Mehta & Alex Wheeler from ISS who identified this and a number of 
> other AV issues will be doing a presentation on it entitled, "Owning 
> Antii-Virus"  at CanSecWest.

P.s. To not pick on any one vendor exclusively, it's not just Symantec that
has issues... I know that an F-Secure advisory has now been released too...
and who knows, as an educated guess, I'd bet 
there probably will be others coming... ;-)   Allocating some IT
schedule to AV updates/verification seems prudent.

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