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Re: IRC Bot list (cross posting)

  • From: Joe Abley
  • Date: Thu Feb 10 10:55:30 2005

On 10 Feb 2005, at 10:03, [email protected] wrote:

On Thu, 10 Feb 2005 00:09:48 PST, "william(at)" said:

2. After that the person should be able to register (entering full
name and contact data and company he/she works) and can than get
access to see entire list of ip addresses for particular company
(and possibly even do more and mark ips that have been taken care of).
If you're listing IP's, it helps if you also attach a timestamp so those of us
with large dialup and DHCP pools have a snowball's chance. (Make note - a
"taken care of" page *also* needs the timestamp so we can check the right one
And, for those who are not used to troubleshooting incidents with people in distant timezones, specify the timezone somewhere (e.g. "all dates/times are UTC", "all dates/times are UTC-8").

People should also remember that just because it's February 10 in my timezone right now doesn't mean it's not February 11 elsewhere -- so, dates need timezones too, even if no time is specified.