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Re: IRC Bot list (cross posting)

  • From: Bill Nash
  • Date: Wed Feb 09 23:59:45 2005

[ Edited and resent, the first appears to have vanished in transit ]

I concede the point that operational tracking of botnets doesn't belong here, and I offer apologies to Martin, and the list in general, for not counting to ten before replying to his email. However, simply suppressing discussion of the topics isn't a good way to foster a cooperative working environment.

I'd like to thank those few folks who corrected me, today. I was wrong in what I felt was appropriate, and I shouldn't have gone off in the manner I did.

Moving to a more productive stance for this thread:
How many people have subbed in the past month? The past year? There's stuff in the FAQ about what's directly relevent to this particular list, but there are a million related sub-topics with low level chatter that would overwhelm a single list, like this one. Is there a helpful resource that references these lists, to give subscribers a better grasp on topic specific lists that other nanog users deem productive, clue packed and useful?

- billn