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Re: IRC Bot list (cross posting)

  • From: J.D. Falk
  • Date: Wed Feb 09 11:59:31 2005

On 02/09/05, Bill Nash <[email protected]> wrote: 

> And I'm not subscribed to either. Yet, I've no less than a /19 of space 
> under my purview and I don't believe that publishing botnet lists in the 
> manner that has been done is either off topic, or off charter. Some of us, 
> as hosting providers or similiar entities, have network costs to keep to a 
> minimum. For those of us with security concerns, a heads up to 
> compromised hosts within our bailiwick will *always* be appreciated.

	That's why you make 24x7 contact info available to your peers.

> If you're not going to be part of a productive solution, do us a favor and 
> stop getting in the way of people actually trying to do something useful.

	The productive solution is for reporters of badness within your
	network to contact your NOC directly, rather than posting here
	in hopes that you're paying attention.

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