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RE: IRC Bot list (cross posting)

  • From: Bill Nash
  • Date: Wed Feb 09 02:26:19 2005

On Wed, 9 Feb 2005, Hannigan, Martin wrote:

Bill, haven't we been here before? :)

There's TWO places that are doing this botnet stuff and
the NANOG AUP discourages cross posting.

I for one certainly don't want yet another list full of
botnet stuff.
And I'm not subscribed to either. Yet, I've no less than a /19 of space under my purview and I don't believe that publishing botnet lists in the manner that has been done is either off topic, or off charter. Some of us, as hosting providers or similiar entities, have network costs to keep to a minimum. For those of us with security concerns, a heads up to compromised hosts within our bailiwick will *always* be appreciated.

Yes, we've been here before. I'm not sure what the view is like from your horse, but I imagine it's very different from mine, since my job security is based on performance, not monopoly backing. This kind of topical suppression is as bad as draconian moderation. In the years I've been subscribed to nanog, I've taken a very simple stance to threads I'm not interested in: I ignored them. I highly suggest you do the same, because frankly, I'm rapidly tiring of your condescension. What exactly is it that makes your viewpoint more important than mine? Based on the simple evidence that you're literate, I'm going to guess that you can read, and delete, an accurately described thread by interpreting the subject line.

Various persons put forth some amount of effort to, graciously, give other operators a heads up to the ongoing/potential abuse of their networks, and you're concerned about topical relevance? Why aren't you, in the least, THANKING them for their efforts? Maybe it's because these thousands of drones are being used to pump out spam across the internet, which may require (at some point) some form of domain registration at the end site pushing whatever product, which at later trickles into Verisign's coffers?

If you're not going to be part of a productive solution, do us a favor and stop getting in the way of people actually trying to do something useful.

- billn