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Re: Time to check the rate limits on your mail servers

  • From: Scott Weeks
  • Date: Thu Feb 03 13:41:13 2005

: I'd like to see rate limits set much lower than that. Perhaps one
: message per day to begin with. After the message is sent, send the
: customer a reminder about the limit and tell them how to get to a web
: page to increase the limit. The web page would only accept an
: incremental increase. For

This is a great way to attract and keep customers.  I also like the
other's suggestions that cause their customers a lot of hassle and pain.
As some folks have said before, "I encourage my competition to do this."

: services instead.  Port 139/445 is already blocked by several isps due
: to excessive abuse or I believe they call it 'a security measurement'.

NetBIOS was never meant to be a WAN protocol.  For your customers that
need this so they can share files, it's a dangerous thing because folks
with that level of expertise wouldn't know how to protect their personal
data.  There is no need to let NetBIOS ports be open to the world.

: atleast 1 large isp I am aware of. When that mssql worm was lurking
: around isps were also blocking that port. I hope I'm not the only one

You want your MySQL database open to the world???  What's you IP address?
Never mind, I could find it anyway...  >8-)

: seeing a pattern here. Really, blocking ports makes no sense to me in
: the long run.

Again, some protocols were never meant to be available to the world, so
there is a need to block some things.  Some should be restricted to the
local LAN, some should be restricted to your network, or some part of it,
and some open to the world.