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Re: and other email grief

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Fri Dec 17 06:10:25 2004

> Or just register our-name. and be done with it?

Not so farfetched

Seems to me that DNS already has n+12 redundancy
available. But the world is big enough to believe
that perhaps 12 extra servers is not enough for
everyone everywhere and that it may not be a trivial
problem to figure out the right placement of those
12 servers within the topology.

So, anycast provides the ability to move from
n+12 to n+x. But we can not only increase the
number of extra servers, we can also move them
around trying to find the right number and the
right places, without impacting any DNS configuration.
Seems to me that anycast is a worthwhile thing
and certainly justifies moving from n+12 
to n+11 or n+10 in the DNS.

But anycast should not be considered a replacement
for the tried and tested DNS protocol redundancy.
Maybe in 5 years or so, but not today.

--Michael Dillon