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Re: Server Room Environment

  • From: Ken Gilmour
  • Date: Tue Dec 14 12:11:36 2004

Captain's Log, stardate Tue, 14 Dec 2004 11:00:16 -0600, from the fingers of Erik Sundberg came the words:
> I have a couple of quick questions about environmental settings for
> server rooms.
> What is the ideal temperature and humidity for a server room? What
> is too cold for a server room? What should the humidity range be?
> Thanks
> Erik

I'm not sure what the *Ideal* temperature should be but we keep our cabinets at 21 degrees centigrade inside. And the outside room temperature at between 6-16 degrees centigrade. The reason for the outside room temperature being so cold is because the cabinets have extractor fans which extract the hot air from the top of the cabinet and exhaust it into the room. It's then re-cooled and recirculated back into the underneath of the cabinet, as much as it needs to stay between 19-23 degrees.

The thermometers are kept in the center of each cabinet away from the fans at the back of the machines. (which also have thermometers in them and suck cold air from the front and extract hot air through the back.)