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Re: Contact for 'The World'

  • From: David A. Ulevitch
  • Date: Tue Dec 14 11:09:32 2004

<quote who="Tony Rall">
> On Monday, 2004-12-13 at 22:51 PST, "David A. Ulevitch"
> <[email protected]> wrote:
>> Does anyone have a contact @ The World?
> Have you tried ?  (I haven't.)

My abuse desk was simply trying to reply to their email.  It's not our job
to hunt down the right address.  They sent the mail from mailer-daemon, we
respond to mailer-daemon.  if they sent it from [email protected] or [email protected] we'd
respond to that.  Unless it was something like [email protected] we'd probably just
reply to the address it came from.

Hhere are some choice quotes that were sent to our desk from his email
(from [email protected] which is a bitbucket as far as I can

" is the responsible party for these and a huge number of
other recent spams that tout illegal and fraudulent products, services and

^^^^ This is false.  In fact, we hardly ever send out email from our
servers.  My personal email (this email) is coming from that netblock, not
much else.  Occasionally when one of our users does something wrong and is
using our DNS servers we detect it and null0 it before we ever get the
first report.  I like to think we have a good repuation, particularly
among those who provide free network services.

"The unread message which you just sent to an unassigned address on our
network, and which follows, has already been sent to law enforcement
authorities. Hopefully you will be sent to them as well, shortly."

^^^^ Thanks, that's a very nice thing to say to other people working to
help you out.


   David A. Ulevitch - Founder, EveryDNS.Net --