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Affects of rate-limiting at the far end of links

  • From: Sam Stickland
  • Date: Mon Dec 13 08:20:10 2004


Just a quicky. We've got leased line out to a remote site that's pretty much at capacity for remote to local site traffic, and from time to time it appears to lock up for periods of 30 seconds or more.

Investigating it appears we outbound traffic shape, and ingress rate-limit at the 'local' end of the line, but nothing is done at the 'remote' end. The remote end is some 14ms away across a third party MPLS network.

Obviously we need to shape at the remote end, but the current behaviour intrigues me. Rate-limiting, while bad compared to shaping, in my experience doesn't lock out traffic for such long periods of time.

Could it be that buffers and flow-control over the 14ms third party leg are causing the rate-limiting leaky bucket to continue to overflow long after it's full?