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Re: no whois info ?

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Mon Dec 13 05:57:45 2004

> So my view of it is the same as current practice and laws (at least in 
> which require business (including DBA) registrations in county/state 
> registrar and requirying and making public corporate records, including 
> address of the company and list of its officers.

Interesting how many companies are "parked" at a lawyers
office, i.e. the official address of the company
is that of it's legal firm. One wonders why an abuse
organization would not use this same tactic and
register a legal firm as the administrative contact.

This is entirely separate from the operational issue
of who controls the nameservice for the domain and
who controls the routers and servers referenced
by A records in the domain. That is not something
that a registry can help with. Granted, it would
be good to have a real technical contact for every
domain that gets you to the same people who control
nameservice etc. However, that will always be
secondary information.

The network itself is the primary contact information
for a domain. Every nameserver has an IP address
whose connectivity can be tracked through the network.
Same thing for mail servers and anything else with
an A record. This means that operationally it is
far more important for the RIR whois directory to
have working technical contacts.

Fortunately, the RIRs do regularly put some effort 
into keeping their whois listings up to date. If more
people would speak up coherently on this issue then
perhaps we will see the day when only accurate
contact info exists in the RIR whois directories.
As for domain name registries, they are not
terribly relevant for operations, just for serving
legal documents.

--Michael Dillon