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Re: (newbie) BGP For Dummies?

  • From: Olivier Bonaventure
  • Date: Sun Dec 12 06:24:01 2004

On Fri, 2004-12-10 at 21:35, David E. Smith wrote:
> "Hi, long-time listener, first-time caller..."
> Can anyone recommend a good forum for BGP questions? I've got my copy of the
> O'Reilly book handy, but having never really worked with BGP before, I find 
> it's not really the best novice-level work.

Within the E-Next network of excellence, we organised two weeks ago a
two-days tutorial on BGP. This tutorial assumes that the attendees have
a basic understanding of IP routing works but no prior knowledge of BGP
is assumed. The tutorial has a theoretical part covering the behaviour
of the BGP protocol and a practical part with the C-BGP simulator
( whose syntax is close to Cisco routers.

Upon request from some attendees of the tutorial who intend to deliver
BGP courses within their universities, we have released all the training
material under a creative commons licence, see :

Suggestions and comments on improvements to this training material are

Best regards,

Olivier Bonaventure
CSE Dept. UCL, Belgium -