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Re: Halo 2 and broadband traffic

  • From: Bob Snyder
  • Date: Wed Dec 08 13:53:13 2004

On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 02:46:46PM +0000, Fergie (Paul Ferguson) wrote:
> Has anyone actually noticed any increases in residential
> broadband traffic due to Halo 2?

This is lost in the noise of P2P traffic, which is the big bandwidth
eater by far.

I note that the story is essentially based around statements made by
Sandvine. They aren't saying that the amount of broadband traffic is
going to increase significantly because of online gaming; they're saying
that broadband networks need to prioritize and QoS traffic from gamers,
as more people game online.

And oddly enough, Sandvine offers a box that does this! :-) They're
jumping on the press coverage of Halo 2 to try and raise awareness of
their product line. Not that what's being said doesn't have merit, but
it's definately a PR push, and definately not a "End of the net
predicted, film at 11" moment.