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RE: Unflattering comments about ISPs and DDOS

  • From: J. Oquendo
  • Date: Mon Dec 06 21:26:46 2004

> "reconfigure their mail programs to point at Comcast's
> servers, and each phone call to the help desk costs $9."

And they couldn't spend say:

$1.00 per CD with a vb script or instructions on doing this

$100.00 (far fetched price) to have an interactive step-by-step flash
video created to show their customers

$1000.00 (far fetched price) to set up some VXML based number with a
"Press 1 to RTFM... Press 2 to RTFM again"

Even at an uber high charge (800/866 toll) of say $4.00 per call, they
could still implement the changes save tons of money, and tons of aspirin
when their headaches go away. Maybe someone here can draft up a
$10,000,000.00 pitch it to them become an instant millionaire and save
Comcast some money at the same time.

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