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RE: Load balancing outgoing connections automatically.

  • From: Chris Ranch
  • Date: Fri Dec 03 13:58:40 2004

> Drew Weaver wrote:
> |             Howdy. We?re looking at upgrading our border router(s) 
> | from 7500s to (something) yet undetermined. 

I love my 7304-G100's as a nice step up from the 7500's, and short of
the GSR or J-vendor.  Be sure to get the G100's and not the NSE-100 (no
PXF).  Order of magnitude less horsepower, same cost, don't know why
they even sell them.

> | I?ve also heard of gear from companies like route 
> | science that could possibly achieve the same thing. But I?ve heard 
> | that it runs like $300,000 for a box, is there anything a 
> bit smaller 
> | for companies within the oc-3 range? That could accompany my router?

Drew mentioned InterNAP's Sockeye and NetVMG stuff, and Bruce pointed
out OER:
> Cisco Optimized Edge Routing (OER)
> hite_paper09186a008022dbfa.shtml
> ackage.html

There's also Infiniroute, formerly Proficient Networks. (couldn't he'p
mahself, Bruce)

In any event, unless you're running your links at near capacity, I would
say that occasional manual balancing (an hour once every few weeks or
so) is a LOT less effort than implementing and caring for all the above
new moving parts.

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