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Re: Bogon filtering

  • From: Rob Thomas
  • Date: Fri Dec 03 13:37:29 2004

Hi, NANOGers.

] In a sense, Rob is a hacker who has installed his
] rootkit into the IANA/RIR system. He was only able
] to do so because the IANA and RIRs were not paying
] enough attention to their interfaces, thus creating
] a grey area which Cymru is filling.

Wow!  I've at last achieved mad leet status.  Thanks.  :)

We have consistently stated that we would happily hand over the
sundry bogon filtering projects to the RIRs if they wanted to
take over the tasks.  We are filling a niche, and will continue
to do so as long as the need exists and others (the RIRs)
aren't interested in doing so.

Team Cymru now has four full time members, all of whom are
smarter and more clueful than I.  :)  They are all equally
adept at managing our sundry projects, which ensures that the
projects don't succumb to a single point of failure in gear,
location, or personnel.  You can see our mug shots here:


As for oversight, we are entirely beholden to our customers.
Who are our customers?  YOU!  Folks who work with us
regularly know that we aim to be very responsive to you, and
regularly modify our projects to make your lives easier.  A
bit of common sense and open dialogue keeps us in tune with
what you need.  It's not so very formal, and it has worked
quite well.

We can't do everything, of course, so our projects are all
collaborative efforts and partnerships with great folks in
this community.  We are particularly thankful to the


We try to get to all of your suggestions, but please
remember that even our supply of coffee is exhausted from
time to time.  :)

As for trust, it's really all we have to offer.  Our
credibility is our only real asset.  We work to earn your
trust with each project.  I think we've done a fair job of

Suggestions and feedback (along with coffee) are always welcome!

Rob, not the only member of Team Cymru.  :)
Rob Thomas
Shaving with Occam's razor since 1999.