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Re: Load balancing outgoing connections automatically.

  • From: Bruce Pinsky
  • Date: Fri Dec 03 11:13:26 2004

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Drew Weaver wrote:
|             Howdy. We?re looking at upgrading our border router(s) from
| 7500s to (something) yet undetermined. What we would like to do is
| perhaps find a platform that is smart enough to not route more outgoing
| traffic across a circuit than it can handle. We have 4 outgoing links to
| the net at the moment. They all have the same amount of bandwidth, BGP
| tends to want to send all of the traffic out to the same two, so usually
| those two will carry 80-90% of our traffic while the other two will
| carry like 20-30% combined. So if the first two connections burst up a
| little bit, sometimes it can cause congestion its fairly rare; but any
| congestion is unacceptable as you all know.
|  I know the way BGP works, it will use it rules to determine the way
| traffic will go.  I was wondering if anyone has heard of any good ways
| to handle this becoming more well known within the last year or so I
| researched this last year and found that prepending and doing things
| manually is pretty much the only way to load balance it. (i.e. manually
| setting routes based on the best paths through our upstreams for each
| connected network) I really just want to tell my router to load balance
| it; since that is kind of what I?m paying $100,000 for in the first
| place, no? I?ve also heard of gear from companies like route science
| that could possibly achieve the same thing. But I?ve heard that it runs
| like $300,000 for a box, is there anything a bit smaller for companies
| within the oc-3 range? That could accompany my router?

Cisco Optimized Edge Routing (OER)

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