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Re: How many backbones here are filtering the makelovenotspam scr eensaver site?

  • From: Iljitsch van Beijnum
  • Date: Fri Dec 03 08:50:59 2004

On 3-dec-04, at 10:57, Andre Oppermann wrote:

Routers would ship with the iana_reserved_block list of when they were
manufactured. If the user is stoopid enough not to be able to get his
filters from Cymru directly then he should not have any filtering at all
because he is never going to update it anyway in the future. Ergo lots
of black holes for newly allocated address spaces to the RIR's.
Exactly. (Unless "IANA reserved" != "unallocated" but IANA does call unallocated space "reserved".)

The cure will be far worse than the disease if routers would come with
pre-configured bogon lists.
Indeed. In fact, the whole bogon filtering thing is more harmful than useful.

If you do any bogon filtering at all then do it with some automatically
updating system like an BGP bogon feed from Cymru.
What exactly does this feed do for me? Wouldn't bogons be everything that isn't in the global routing table?