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Re: How many backbones here are filtering the makelovenotspam scr eensaver site?

  • From: Jim Segrave
  • Date: Fri Dec 03 05:58:41 2004
  • Organisation: Demon Internet Netherlands

On Thu 02 Dec 2004 (16:14 -0500), Steven Champeon wrote:
> All I was pointing out was that, surprise, surprise, there already are.
> So why anyone thinks Lycos' botnet being hacked is /any different/ from
> /the current situation/ is utterly beyond my ken. Why would any spammer
> bother to hack Lycos' botnet? They /already have their own/.

Well, if I don't have one now, I could build my own botnet, which
takes time and exposes significant risk over a lot of sites as I try
to acquire them, or I could look at one site which, if I can
compromise it, gives me instant access to a huge botnet. There are
lots of places in the world where people/companies store dangerous
waste. Some of these dumps are huge, most are small, all are
dangerous. Now I read that someone who certainly ought to know better
has decided to make yet another of the huge waste dumps, but that's
apparently OK, because they exist anyway.

Jim Segrave           [email protected]