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RE: My yearly post about environmental monitoring devices

  • From: Paul Jasa
  • Date: Thu Dec 02 08:06:13 2004

Our MIS folks have used this device called "Netbotz" for a couple of years now.  I have to say, especially in the later versions, that I am quite impressed by their capabilities including motion-detection cameras, alerting, and all the environmental probes you mentioned.  Those little things have saved our necks quite a few times.    The PoE thing may not be there yet, but I really don't know, best to contact Netbotz to inquire about this type of power requirement.

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I'm sure if you peruse the archives, you'll see that I post about this 
about every year. The answer to your question is 'No, I haven't found what 
I am looking for yet.'

However, the quest I am on is slightly different.

I am looking for a device that meets the following criteria.

a) Reasonably small. This probably wouldn't be rack mounted; it'd be wall 
mounted, desk mounted, celing mounted, etc.

b) Powered by PoE.

c) Is SNMPable over Ethernet. NOT RS232 or serial, or anything archaic 
like that. Not MODBUS. It's 2004, people.

d) Provides Temperature and Humidity.

e) Has 4 or so input contact sensors (connections to AC units, etc.)

f) Has 4 or so output contact sensors.


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