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RE: Looking for some program that will do this...

  • From: Dan Lockwood
  • Date: Wed Dec 01 00:45:55 2004

No i'm not trying to DOS anyone.  I want to stress test a netflow app that I wrote and need something that can generate the many flow cache entries that would be present with real traffic while i'm running it in my lab.
Thanks all!

From: [email protected] on behalf of Dan Lockwood
Sent: Tue 11/30/2004 8:45 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Looking for some program that will do this...

Hi all,
I'm looking for a program that can generate "real" looking traffic.  It should be able to send TCP/UDP traffic to a large set of hosts (thousands), send traffic to random or semi-random ports and send packets/datagrams that are of random/semi-random size.  Ideally it should run on windows or some sort of Perl script would be fine.  Anyone have any ideas or should I dust off my programming books?