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Re: Big List of network owners?

  • From: Tom Vest
  • Date: Thu Oct 28 14:19:53 2004

On Oct 28, 2004, at 1:25 PM, [email protected] wrote:

On Thu, 28 Oct 2004 13:12:39 EDT, Joe Abley said:

Poke around the ftp sites of the four RIRs until you find address
registration data. Don't expect to see a single dump format across
For bonus points, does anybody have a good estimate of what percentage
of the registration data doesn't match reality, due to missing SWIPs
and the infamous "allocated to a reseller who allocated to a re-re-seller
who..." issues? (Not talking actively hijacked, just all the "forgot
to file the paperwork" allocations...)
We're working on this question at the operator (ASN) level for a couple of projects. I can't produce a list immediately, but there seem to be at least 600-700 ASNs that were consistently routed between Oct 01 and Oct 03 that have no easily matchable whois data in any registry.

Probably the best you can come up with the the converse; the percentage of operators who take the (varied kinds of) trouble to identify themselves broadly to the community, thereby making themselves at least implicitly available for large-scale event management, etc. I think if you sum up the unique users of various extra-whois tools (nsp-sec, INOC-DBA, Jared's NOC list, etc.), you come up something like 3-4k operators. For those 3000+/- you can be reasonably confident that their whois data is correct; the other 15.5k actively routed ASNs (much less the routed netblocks, and less still the idled ASNs and netblocks) are anyone's guess...