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Routers for CO OOB management network

  • From: james edwards
  • Date: Fri Oct 22 18:13:16 2004

I need to select a router to install in each of our CO's to bring together a
network of T-1 between our colos.
This will be the primary network for management of our CBX'es, routers, 5ESS
switches, and other gear.
This network will be totally separate from our existing network. Here are my

Must have:
2 ports T-1, integrated CSU/DSU
1 port Ethernet
1 DC power supply
Only needs to support static routing
Support for either PPP, FR or HDLC
Management via telnet or web
NEBS compliance

Would be nice to have:
A and B power supplies or at least ability to add second DC ps.

Generally we would throw a Cisco 2600 at this but this is a waste of
that will never be used, so I am seeking something with a lower price point.
Used is OK. Any ideas for the list for this ?

James H. Edwards
Routing and Security Administrator
At the Santa Fe Office: Internet at Cyber Mesa
[email protected]  [email protected]
(505) 795-7101